I Afshin Rasouli, was born on 08/27/1972 in a religious farmer family, in the village of Maikhoran Farmanfarma in Sonqor County, Kermanshah Province, Iran. I spent the first, second, and third years of primary school in the village, and from the fourth grade of primary school, we left for Sonqor city to continue our education with my older brother and grandfather. Unfortunately, my grandfather passed away in 1983, and my brother and I lived in a two-story house At the end of a hallway, we lived alone and every morning at 5 o'clock my brother or I went to the bakery to buy bread. On one of the days when I had gone to the bakery to buy bread, on the way back home, inside the dark corridor, I encountered a man with sinister and evil intentions. The remaining year of my studies included my diploma, and this fear became a source of nightmares for me.

After receiving a diploma in culture and literature in 1990, I was accepted into the bachelor's course in Persian language and literature at Allameh Tabatabai University in Tehran, and because of my childhood fear and to protect myself, I started learning karate.


In 2003, I worked in the Tehran Real Estate Registry Organization, and in 2007, in addition to receiving 2 black belts in karate, he became the head of the Esteghlal Club karate team and participated in the premier karate league with a team called Izad Ferdous, which was one of the During the struggle, a very severe blow was inflicted on the left side of my brain, which, in addition to the rupture of the cruciate ligament and meniscus of the left leg, after about 6 months of the impact, the symptoms of Parkinson's disease such as muscle stiffness, slowness of movement, and internal tremors in the hand and foot of the side Straight, small and illegible handwriting was evident.

Despite the progress of the disease, with the care and attention of our dear master and master, Mr. Seyyed Sadegh Saadatian, the respected manager of the General Directorate of Records and Properties of Tehran Province, who was and is one of the noble Sadats and truly one of the great men and good men of the time, until I was also promoted to head of the department.

In January 2018, due to the progress of the disease and almost paralysis of the right side, loss of speech and lack of urine and stool control, on the recommendation of friends for surgery and electrode implantation in the deep layer of the brain, he went to Anadolu Hospital located in Istanbul, Turkey. It has been said that thanks to God, after the surgery by a great man named Dr. Selchok Gochman and with the sincere cooperation of Dr. Yashar, a neurologist, the physical conditions and

My soul has completely changed and with the increase in the quality of life and recovery, the crystallization of life appeared in me again.

According to the famous hadith, "Man lam yashkar al-makhluq lam yashkar al-khalak", "He who is not grateful to the creation, is not grateful to the creator" I consider it my duty to express my gratitude and appreciation for the expertise and commitment of the above professors and the medical and nursing staff of this hospital. I have announced the hospital and I wish health, happiness, well-being and a great reward from the Almighty God and the only one who gives existence to those dear ones.

What the Almighty has blessed me with, I have registered a company under the name of health tourism in Turkey, so that I can serve people of my own kind all over the world, and with the knowledge of my self-respect and the knowledge of the capabilities and talents of God, trusting in God and relying on Helping and arresting him, I will use all my efforts to achieve these goals and put my heart in the service of others.


When you don't do anything for others, you feel overwhelmed and helpless, but when you get involved and help others, there's a sense of hope and accomplishment that comes from knowing you've worked to make things better.


Providing high quality pre-hospital and post-hospital health care services


1When did medical tourism start?
Beginning in the late 1980s, the island country started programs to lure foreigners from India, Latin America and Europe for eye surgeries, heart procedures and cosmetic procedures.
2Why health tourism is important?
There are various reasons for the growth of medical tourism such as cost differences, availability, quality and less waiting time. The major motivation factors among medical tourists are low cost, better care, treatment with latest technology, services, social cultural factors, legal implications, privacy concerns etc.
3Why health tourism is important for the economy of a country?
Improvement of health tourism allows low-income countries to enter the global tourism industry and guarantee their country's growth; followed by adequate taxes and profits in the industry. The state could use this income in the form of subsidies to improve social health.
4What is the difference between health tourism and medical tourism?
Health tourists usually travel to other countries to seek alternative treatments for conditions that cannot be treated in their home country. Medical tourism, on the other hand, involves traveling to another country for medical treatment or procedures.
5What are the types of health tourism?
Health tourism consists of medical tourism, wellness tourism (to enhance health), and spa tourism (spas that combine medical and health components). The three components are different but also overlap
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